Monday, March 21, 2011

Delivering Shelter, Warmth and Dignity to people affected by disaster worldwide

ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity which provides humanitarian aid worldwide in the form of shelter, warmth and dignity for people displaced by natural and other disasters. It is an independent charity that relies on public donations to carry out its work.

Founded by Rotarian Tom Henderson, a former Royal Navy search and rescue diver, ShelterBox started in 2000 as a project of the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard, Cornwall. ShelterBox is now the largest Rotary Club project in the world and has raised more than £25 million in donations. It has responded to over 80 major disasters in more than 50 countries including the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar.

Each ShelterBox contains a 10-person tent, blankets, water purification and cooking equipment, basic tools, a stove and other essential equipment. All boxes are numbered so they can be tracked by donors.

Each box costs $1000 – this includes all materials, packing, storage, transport worldwide and distribution to the final recipients. Assuming six month’s use, this equates to shelter and warmth for less than 27 pence per person per day. ShelterBox works closely with key suppliers to ensure all items are of a high quality and are purchased at the most competitive price.

The delivery of our aid is undertaken by a volunteer ShelterBox Response Team whose members have undergone an intensive training programme. ShelterBox prides itself on its speedy response to disasters and often works closely with Rotary clubs in recipient countries enabling it to get aid to where it is needed faster than many other charitable organisations.

For more information on this opportunity please contact Jennifer & Brandon Willis through Jennifer's Facebook page, or by email at

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  1. Thanks for posting about this, Jennifer! I posted about it as well on my personal blog - as well as on my facebook. Click here: if you'd like to donate. We're trying to send two boxes to Japan. Thanks!!