Monday, May 2, 2011

The Mission Field: Northwest College Campuses; Ryan Moore, Harvest's College Ministry Leader

"I think I'd like to learn more about this," she said after I had explained why Jesus died on the cross for us.  She had approached our Soularium Project booth that Tuesday before Easter, and when I asked her to choose 2 or 3 pictures that describe God to her - she was blank.  "I don't know about God.  In my country we do not believe."  I asked her if she had heard the meaning behind Easter, and she said "no, but I want to."  I shared with her the great news that Jesus died in our place at the cross and then rose from the grave.  She was interested and at the same time confused.  That is when she asked if she could come to anything that weekend to learn more about this.  I gave her a Gospel of Mark booklet and then invited her to our Secret Church simulcast.  I explained to her that on Good Friday we were gathering to listen to a teacher teach through these very things (and he was going to teach for 6 hours.)  Here is the crazy part: she came!  He went fast, and the teaching was deep, but she heard again the gospel!  Since then we have kept in contact with her and will continue to follow up with her as God reveals himself to this young lady from a closed communist country.  Thank you for your continued prayer and support!  Your prayers are opening doors for the gospel to continue to be proclaimed at the U of O!
Your Friends,
Ryan and Lori Moore

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